Month: June 2005

Top act

My best friend received a picture book of singer Dalida as a kitschy gift back in our student days. At every party she hosted, everyone would pick it up and leaf through it, and go “wow, look at that!” and “she had so many hits!”, albeit with much sarcasm. When I went to Paris this summer I stayed very close to the Montmartre cemetery. When I read the list of ‘guests’, I saw that Dalida was listed as being close to the toilets. Her grave is a bright beacon in the cemetery and by far the least tacky.


French music history

Brigitte Bardot

Currently in Paris to finish shooting Bardot a Go Go, a feature length film about French pop music of the sixties, Pink Frankenstein offers you a tantalizing glimpse of his movie, Bardot a Go Go. “This feature length documentary combines vintage television and film footage together with contemporary interviews with music fans, critics and legendary French pop figures like Françoise Hardy, Jacques Dutronc, Jane Birkin, Antoine, President Rosko and Jean-Marie Périer to celebrate the ‘joie de vivre’ of French pop music.” If you like what you see, bear in mind that Pink is still looking for financing. I have the honour of supplying English translations of French songs, as my way of helping out.