Month: January 2006

Un-beat-able French party!

Beat Club

It’s time to party! DJ Natashka (aka Natasha – me) will be spinning “les tubes d’antan” (retro favourites) at the Amsterdam Beat Club on February 19. The Vive la France! evening will feature the grooves of DJs Piet Popcorn and Ir.Vendermeulen as well as the moves of Miss Beeby performing a burlesque show. Be there or be square!


Very well parted

Boutique Chic

I’m thrilled to have received yet more inspired music in my mailbox. For some uppity modern music with a definite French retro feel, there’s Boutique Chic. I’ve gladly added “La raie o milieu” by Minimatic to the playlist, as it sounded the most ‘oh la la-esque’, but the EP Chez le coiffeur (At the hairdresser’s) features three more beat big wonders: “Panique au salon” by Georges Deligny, “Bigoudis party” by Le Grand David and “Brilliantine a gogo” by Chris Joss.

If anyone out there has anything they think is ‘oh la la-esque’, feel free to send it in at the address indicated under the contact button.


Trippy Taïeb

Jacqueline Taïeb

Finally having a few minutes to spare for picking up my mail, imagine my surprise at finding a DVD and CD from Jacqueline Taïeb! The CD is called “Jacqueline Taïeb is back” and features new songs as well as an interesting remix of her big hit, “Sept heures du matin”.

I admire her for not clinging to her sixties image and doing all sorts of things. And since coincidences are popping up all over the place lately, it was in January 1967 in Cannes that Jacqueline’s first hit “Sept heures du matin” was played on the radio. This song, along with a few other guitar savvy numbers, can be heard on Radio Oh La La.