Month: June 2006

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Tune up

Radio Oh La La

Radio Oh la la is getting a major tune-up by a handyman and so the radio will be offline Saturday, June 17, sometime after dinner CET.

Here we are fixing the radio on a Saturday night in Amsterdam instead of sweating it out on some terrace cafe! The menu includes fish and white wine, but not too much.


New tunes

Radio Oh La La

New music has been added by Serge Gainsbourg, that is, more of his film music, and more from tunes Stella, Clothide, Jacqueline Perez and Tiny Yong.


Zoi zoi francodelic night

Zoi Zoi

Zoi zoi Francodelic night at The Boat in Toronto, Canada. DJs Mimi la twisteuse & Soju.

Zoi Zoi, Toronto’s monthly franco pop yéyé dance party, is back at The Boat Saturday, June 24 with resident DJs Mimi la twisteuse & Soju!