Month: July 2006

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Tell me about it!

Radio Oh La La

You can’t stop progress! As of today the Radio Oh la la website is a full blown blog. That’s right, you can now comment on the last few postings as well as on future postings. I also plan to post more often, which is a great way to enjoy my morning café cr&#232me. Radio Oh la la is a web radio, website, podcast and a blog. Don’t let squares tell you any different!


Bastille bash

Bardot a gogo

Bardot a Gogo is back!


Podcast No. 7 – Retro rays summer mix

Radio Oh La La

Ah oui, St. Tropez! Fix yourself a nice cold drink and let Podcast No. 7 heat up your spirits, French retro style!

Brigitte Bardot is already waiting for you and France Gall is there without her parents! Lucky Blondo will get the crowd hoppin’ with the lastest American dance craze, Stella will get them twistin’, and Sasha Distel, Pierre Lalonde, Les Chaussettes Noires and many more will keep the party going.

Brigitte Bardot – L’appareil à sous
France Gall – Mes premières vraies vacances
Lucky Blondo – C’est le mashed potatoes
Stella – Les parents twist
Geneviève Grad – Douliou Douliou Saint Tropez
Charlotte Leslie – Les filles, c’est fait pour faire l’amour
Sasha Distel – L’incendie à Rio
Jeanne Moreau – Les voyages
Dany Brillant – Y’a qu’les filles qui m’intéressent
Pierre Lalonde – C’est le temps des vacances
Johnny Hallyday – Laisse les filles
Les Chaussettes Noires – Le twist
Guy Roger – Quand tu danses
Brigitte Bardot – La Madrague

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