Month: October 2006

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Extra! Extra!

C'est Extra

After years of successful C’est Extra Frenchy jazzy swing nights in Montréal, the city of Vancouver is starting up its own party evenings. The first parties will be held on 21 October and 2 December. Check the agenda for more details.


French Beatschuppen

October 28, 2006
9:02 pm
French Beatschuppen

On 28 October at the Atomic Café, Munich, Germany, the man behind the French Cuts compilations Martin Hemmel will be spinning 60s, R&B, US garage punk, power pop and of course, yéy&#233 . Laissez les bons temps rouler! More from Martin Hemmel at Myspace.


Good news

Radio Oh la la

What’s the connection between visiting Greece and Radio Oh la la? Nana Mouskouri came to mind oh so briefly, but a jewellery store with my taste in French humour is the right answer.

As of now, all the podcast posts contain a playlist. I added them since many of you thought it was a good idea.