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Month: January 2007

Wild cats

Est-ce que tu le sais ? is indeed a cover and it is becoming one of my favourite kick off tunes when I DJ. Les Chats Sauvages with frontman Dick Rivers shakes it and twists it at a time when cameras moved around less and lip sync was still a fact of life – at least in France.


Podcast No. 16 – Travellin’


Back to business with some groovy, jazzy and twangy tunes! Podcast No. 16 goes from modern to old and from one country to the next, like a get-in-your-car-and-drive musical roadtrip. Did I say trip? Jenny Rock pleads her case, while 5 Gentlemen make theirs. Next stop, a request for some Marie Laforêt, an uppity visit with Joël Denis and a pit stop to shake your limbs with Ariane. Listen for that scrumptious drum intro by Les Champions at the end of the road.

Jenny Rock – Donne-moi ta jeunesse
5 Gentlemen – Si tu reviens chez moi
Marie Laforêt – Ivan, Boris et moi
Joël Denis – Hey, hey Lolita
Ariane – Les gémeaux
Les Champions – 1647 mètres G.O.

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Soirée Serge Gainsbourg

March 2, 2007
C'est Extra Vancouver

Soirée Serge Gainsbourg at Petrol in Antwerp, Belgium, with Pierre Elitair and Louis Katorz.