Month: February 2007

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C’est Extra Vancouver

C'est Extra Vancouver

C’est Extra at Backstage Lounge of the Arts Club Theater sur Granville Island, 1585 Johnston Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Frenchy jazzy swing.


The French twist

Every twist band needs their very own twist theme and Viens dansez le twist is what the guys from Les Chaussettes Noires cooked up back in 1961. Watch lead singer Eddy Mitchell move all over the place for the folks at home. Look at that saxophone player go! Oh, and a “pick-up” in French (and in a bunch of other languages) is a record player.



Pierre Cardin

As Radio Oh la la marches on in its own style, more and more people are tuning in to the webradio. What am I on about? Well, the webradio actually maxed out today for the first time since it has been hosted on a proper server. Of course, I need to keep an eye on the situation so that when the time comes to expand and improve, I’ll be ready. In the mean time, I’d like to consider this a nice milestone. Vive Radio Oh la la!

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