Month: March 2007

Podcast No. 18 – From brazz to jazz

Eames couch

Come over for dinner and after we can listen to some records and Podcast No. 18! That’s the new pick up line these days, pardon the pun, according to the lovely French duo, Radiomatic. Then, there’s coffee or tea with chocolate truffles listening to Philippe Nicaud, while the host fetches that bottle of cognac he keeps for those really special guests. As he pours you all a stiff one, Dario Moreno gets exotic, and once you’ve started dancing, Nino Ferrer keeps those organ grooves going. And then once you’ve realised how amazing that retro leather couch is to sit on and just keep drinking, France Gall gets your fingers tapping, as does Michel Magne and his movie finale.

Radiomatic – Zoï zoï
Philippe Nicaud – Cuisses nues, bottes de cuir
Dario Moreno – Instanbul
Nino Ferrer – Alexandre
France Gall – Jazz à gogo
Michel Magne – Mélodie en sous-sol

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New style retro and old favourites

Regency and ipod

Here’s visual proof that new stuff can look like old stuff. I have just added more goodies to the Radio Oh la la webradio. In the ‘more like this, please’ category, there’s Johnny Hallyday, Dario Moreno, Christie Laume, Charlotte Leslie and more. In the ‘sexed up oldies’, I give you a few great numbers by Radiomatic. And if you’re lucky, you can catch some groovy psychedelic numbers as well!


Radio Oh la la on

Oui oui oui! After more than a year of hard work and a lot more work ahead, Radio Oh la la podcasts were worthy of praise on nothing else than the best blog on the planet, as one of the editor’s five favourite podcasts. They said I was Dutch, but I’m not. These things happen.

The traffic was already getting heavier and a move to a bigger and better site is currently in the works.

Thanks to all the fans! Oh and when I get over the nasty cold I have, Podcast No. 18 will be available soon.