Month: August 2007

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Podcast No. 23 – The big “M” and the letter “S”

Chez les ye-ye

Warning! Podcast No. 23 is educational and good fun for the entire family! Gabriel Dalar has mom and dad snapping their fingers without getting off the sofa, while Les Classels lets the kids twist it out of their system. Stone has the perfect song for rebellious teens and Claude Bolling provides you with some good, wholesome Madison moves. Stella allows the entire family to bone up on their knowledge of Nouvelle Vague films by playing “name that movie” and Shirley Théroux gives parents enough time to make some popcorn, send the kids to bed and pop in a black and white film with sexy French actors of the 1960s.

Gabriel Dalar – Hé Youla !
Les Classels – Lucille
Stone – C’est ma vie
Claude Bolling – Le Madison
Stella – Nouvelle Vague Blues
Shirley Théroux – Par amour du métier

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Chez les Yé-yé

Chez les ye-ye

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Serge, France, thanks and an update

I’d like to thank to Syndallas for her contribution to Radio Oh la la!

It’s time for some music! I really do have new music for the web radio piling up and a podcast No. 23 in the works, but a nasty computer problem has thrown me off schedule as of late.

Serge Gainsbourg & France Gall

In the mean time, here is a short soundy of Serge Gainsbourg and France Gall for what was a short-lived TV series.

If this isn’t groovy, I don’t know what is!