Month: September 2007

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In the mean time…

Les Surfs – Je me fais du cinéma

My throat has been hurting for a while and that’s my excuse for delaying the next podcast. It’s half finished and should be done this week with a different song by this all-in-the-family band from Madagascar, Les Surfs.


Retro blow out rumours


DJ Natashka (me) and some other local, retro savvy DJs are brewing some ideas for an upcoming gig in Amsterdam on Saturday, November 24. French retro favourites as well as soul, rock n’ roll and lots of sixties will be spinning high.


French Beatschuppen

September 15, 2007
10:00 pm
French Beatschuppen

On 15 September at the Atomic Café, Munich, Germany, the man behind the French Cuts compilations Martin Hemmel will be spinning 60s, R&B, US garage punk, power pop and of course, yéy&#233 . Laissez les bons temps rouler! More from Martin Hemmel at Myspace.