Month: October 2005

Burning bright

Dany Brillant

One of the more recent French artists that fits the Oh-la-la bill is Dany Brillant, a performer I saw live this summer in Paris that had the entire room on edge for more than two straight hours. Inspired by the smoothness of Charles Aznavour and the musicality of Frank Sinatra, his lyrics are from the good old days when they were well written, but not particularly deep. Just like his predecessors, he’s an entertainer. Dany sings along to a swinging big band and plays several instruments himself.

He rarely performs outside French-speaking Europe, but then the same could be said of Charles Aznavour and countless others way back when the language was more of a barrier. Guess what? Dany can sing in English! He covered Fly me to the Moon with the best of English accents. And he sings in Italian as well. He may be old school, but he is terribly cool. The entire rows of screaming women confirmed this at the concert for two straight hours.


Film greats

Jeanne Moreau

“Oh Oh quelle histoire,” actress and singer Jeanne Moreau sung, trying to pretend she didn’t like the unsubtle advances of some Brazilian man whose name she couldn’t remember. More of this great seductress’ music has been added to Radio Oh La La, as well as film music from Charles Aznavour’s ‘doppelganger’ Georges Gavarentz, Francis Lai and Michel Legrand.

So many French actors and actresses were also singers, some making the grade, others more or less tolerated because of their acting success and looks. They include Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and Anna Karina. Dame Jeanne was very good at both.

The FAQ and archive are still skeletons, but not for long!


Greatest Hits

Serge Gainsbourg

Who are the heavy hitters of Radio Oh la la? Serge Gainsbourg and many artists for whom he has written songs, including Brigitte Bardot, France Gall and his wife, Jane Birkin. Besides Gainsbourg, the boys are represented by Jacques Dutronc, Charles Aznavour and Claude Nougaro to name but a few. The FAQ and archive are awaiting their new buttons. New music from Colette Renard, April March and Jeanne Moreau has been added. Listen for the new jingles made by yours truly!