Month: December 2005

New Year’s resolutions


Happy Holidays! I want to thank everyone for listening and linking to Radio Oh La La, you’ve really made my year. In 2006, I’ll be featuring more music and more articles as well as keep you posted on some French music projects I have in the works.

At the moment, there are a few Christmas songs in the playlist, although purely as decoration. I have also recently added some new numbers from unusual suspects such as Lisa Ekdhal and Dee Dee Bridgewater.


Retro rogue

Jacques Dutronc

More of a playboy than a rogue, Jacques Dutronc was one of the coolest French artists of the sixties. Still active today, he is better known as a film star and husband of yéyé girl extraordinaire, Françoise Hardy. All-time favourites include “Les cactus” and “Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous, a song I translated into English for a film as “People are crazed, the times are a haze”. Just the title seems to sum up the sixties pretty well. Another notable song is the slow number “Le petit jardin” (The little garden) from 1971, a song which tells of an evil building contractor ready to destroy a Paris park for profit way before the green movement came into existence. On a more modern note, “On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien” (see album cover) has a very groovy sound and is all about media deception.


Yeah Petula!

Petula Clark

Originally from the UK, Petula Clark is probably the most successful artist in both her native country as her adoptive country, France. Singers with cute French accents were all the rage, but even today, Petula remains the leader of the pack. Other English-language singers that come to mind are Jane Birkin, Blossom Dearie, April March and Nanette Workman (read my article about her at Filles Sourires).

Her style was also very prim and proper, which endeared her to an enormous audience. Her most well-known hit has to be “Downtown”, recorded in French as “Dans le temps”, which like many other hits can be heard on Radio Oh la la.