Retro rogue

Jacques Dutronc

More of a playboy than a rogue, Jacques Dutronc was one of the coolest French artists of the sixties. Still active today, he is better known as a film star and husband of yéyé girl extraordinaire, Françoise Hardy. All-time favourites include “Les cactus” and “Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous, a song I translated into English for a film as “People are crazed, the times are a haze”. Just the title seems to sum up the sixties pretty well. Another notable song is the slow number “Le petit jardin” (The little garden) from 1971, a song which tells of an evil building contractor ready to destroy a Paris park for profit way before the green movement came into existence. On a more modern note, “On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien” (see album cover) has a very groovy sound and is all about media deception.

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