Month: November 2006

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Podcast No. 13 – Beats and treats

Citroen DS

People take anything when there’s nothing
They get that way,
Just like that.
What they need is a little darling
A hermit or, a big star.

Some plastic or rubber thingamajig,
Some little thing, some kind of a toy.
That burns up like tinder does.

People are crazed, the times are a haze,
The times are a haze, and people are crazed.

Download Podcast No. 13 and sing along in English to my translation of the first verse of Jacques Dutronc’s “Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous”. No really, it works!

Next, there’s lesser known Ronnie Bird admitting to stalking, followed by Tiny Yong who tries to resist a sweet talker. Nino Ferrer gets funky with food and Ivy does Gainsbourg. In the end, Colette Renard takes it away with a little bit of ‘java’.

Jacques Dutronc – Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous
Ronnie Bird – Où va-t-elle ?
Tiny Young – Tu es le roi des menteurs
Nino Ferrer – Les cornichons
Ivy – L’anamour
Colette Renard – Marseille, tais-toi Marseille

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Tour de force

Radio Oh la la

Someone mailed me the other day and asked me what they could do to help me with Radio Oh la la. Well, I am taking donations (see Paypal button on the right). Donations of any amount will help pay for a new server and copyrights. At the moment, it remains a balancing act.

As well, for really complicated, dare I say backwards reasons, the Dutch authorities have still not been able to agree on fees for podcasting, which is technically illegal. But then so is marijuana. I can tell you that once Radio Oh la la gets more popular than it is now, prices will double and I am trying to get ready for it.

And since Radio Oh la la is becoming increasingly popular, there are plans to make T-shirts and organise some French nights in the Netherlands and Belgium.

I really feel like the girl in the picture!