Month: July 2007

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Gare du Nor

Nieuwe Nor Clubzomer

On 21 July, at the French Saturday nights at pop stage Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands, Guuzbourg of Filles Sourires will be filling in for Didi. Musical chairs with French girls!


Boum goes the Bastille!

Bastille party a success

With Dutchmen cleverly disguised as Frenchmen, French folks bringing their parents (!), local radio and television personalities, absinth, champagne, cheese and some serious twisting and twirling on the dance floor, the very first Radio Oh la la Bastille Party at De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam was a real blow out! Until next time!

Bastille party a success

Bastille party a success

(Photos: Yuri)


Podcast No. 22 – Getting down to St. Tropez

Radio Oh La La

It’s bikini time again in St. Tropez, with a young Catherine Deneuve riding the waves!

Stuck in that nasty, stuffy Paris traffic jam? Go franco à gogo with Podcast No. 22! Les Parisiennes want to get out of town like the rest of Paris, down to the breezy Côte d’Azur, while Gillian Hills uses her charms to hitch a ride. Once we get there, suave regular Sacha Distel even scores us a room. Then sexy but shy Dalida is afraid to walk around in her bikini, but eventually does ’cause everybody else is doing it. France Gall falls for some Scandinavian guitar-playing cutie and Marie Laforêt sings that sad yet beautiful song by the camp fire on the beach when the sun goes down.

Bonus! Off the new and modern Maison Close compilation, a real party number by Cucumber called ‘Boogaloo Au One Two Two’.

Les Parisiennes – Ce soir à St-Tropez
Gillan Hills – Cha cha stop
Sacha Distel – Plage à St-Tropez
Dalida – Itsi bitsi, petit bikini
France Gall- Christiansen
Marie Laforêt – La Plage
Cucumber – Boogaloo au One Two Two

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