Month: September 2007

Chick Habit party

Don’t miss the day Radio Oh la la meets Bossa Boogie for an unbelievable evening of grooviness! These two well-known Amsterdam DJ crews will get together and jam it out on the decks at Pakhuis Wilhelmina.

Look who we got to guest DJ all the way from Munich!

Chick Habit


French Beatschuppen

French Beatschuppen

On 11 August at the Atomic Café, Munich, Germany, the man behind the French Cuts compilations Martin Hemmel will be spinning 60s, R&B, US garage punk, power pop and of course, yé-yé. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Podcast No. 24 – Whisky, women and song


It’s time to cosy up by the fire, sit on the deep pile carpet and thrown on some records! Podcast No. 24 was inspired by this album cover, which I found unexpectedly at a small flea market in Amsterdam that had no reason to even have any records. For the rest of the story and more, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Les Surfs announce the end of summer, Eartha Kitt manages to tell you want kind of man she wants, as she does in almost every song, Colette Renard sings an entire dirty song, Nat King Cole tests his French skills phonetically yet again, Sheila makes you a bit sad and Jacques Dutronc tells you why he likes girls.

Les Surfs – Quand vient la fin de l’été
Eartha Kitt – C’est si bon
Colette Renard – Les nuits d’une demoiselle
Nat King Cole – Les feuilles mortes
Sheila – Bang bang
Jacques Dutronc – J’aime les filles

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