Podcast No. 14 – The goody drawer

Airplane lounge

Podcast No. 14 promises a drawer full of goodies! Alice Dona prefers it in red cars and Salvatore Adamo is bursting with love. Dalida takes out her Spanish disco ball and the funny threesome of Henri Salvador, Jean Yanne and Gillian Hills opt for cha cha cha. And then, it’s a French Canadian double whammy with Les Habits Jaunes and Denise Brousseau.

Alice Dona – C’est une voiture rouge
Salvatore Adamo – Crier ton nom
Dalida – Besame Mucho
Henri Salvador/Jean Yanne/Gillian Hills – Allô Brigitte (Babylone 21-29)
Les Habits Jaunes – Monsieur Longtemps
Denise Brousseau – Avec toi

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