Ivan, Boris and Marie

Another song that can be heard on Radio Oh la la, ‘Ivan, Boris et Moi’ by Marie Laforêt, has an injection of Slavic roots. The male dancers in the cute rubashkas (those Russian shirts) are none other than Jean Yanne, Serge Gainsbourg and Sacha Distel, the last two having Russian and Ukrainian roots. The film is from the Sacha Show, which of course is the hip TV show Sacha hosted. Marie looks great!

2 Responses to “Ivan, Boris and Marie”

  1. birkin moi says:

    very nice song. Marie Laforet is beatiful. And your radio is the best. I would like to do one, but I don’t know how tod do it. But now, yours is a good space to know new songs. thanks


  2. Wahoo says:

    Thank you for sharing!