A request and some rain

Il y a deux filles en moi – Sylvie Vartan and Françoise Hardy.
Perfect for all this rain we’ve been having in Amsterdam.

I don’t own nearly as many tunes as I should, but someone asked me if this song was every recorded and yes it was:

Radio Oh la la T-shirts

All I did was google “Il y a deux filles en moi”!

As for Dutch Liesbeth List’s “Avant le jazz”, I want to hear it as well! I’m still on it.

i was away for a week and now Podcast No. 22 is in the works. More soon!

3 Responses to “A request and some rain”

  1. Maxi Pad says:

    Google, just brilliant! Thanks for posting this video… I just love it.

  2. Administrator says:


  3. Erica says:


    I found your podcast via iTunes. I enjoy your podcast and I have been telling my friends about it. I have been trying also to add it to digg, but there seem to be technical difficulties on their end. Anyway, looking forward to episode 22!