Second podcast winner!


So my podcast contest was too tough apparently! But Christophe from Paris over at Teppaz and Co managed to guess 7 out of 8 songs and for that he gets an OLL T-shirt. Bravo!

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5 Responses to “Second podcast winner!”

  1. nick mallory says:

    Can I just thank you once again for this wonderful podcast? Sweet as the songs are, your commentary between them is the highlight of the show.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks a lot!

  3. molder says:

    siempre quize tener una radio de musica francesa, del recuerdo, espero poder pertenecer a su grupo gracias….Molder

  4. amber says:

    bonjour! i just found your podcast tonight and i am SO excited! i am an avid 50s-80s lover with most focus on kitshy 60s-early 70s goodness! i recently became obsessed with ye-ye and i looove your podcast. i’ll definitely stay tuned! merci ~ grooviest tunes around!

  5. Christophe says:

    Merci Natasha !!!! J’ai bien reçu le T-shirt et en plus il est à ma taille….

    Je suis très content d’avoir gagner le jeu podcast.

    A bientot Natasha et Vive Radio oh la la.