Oh la la, we’re going to Germany again!

Le Tour 4

On Friday 6 March at the Café der Muffathalle in Munich, Germany, DJ Natashka (aka me) will be one of the DJs of the Tour de France, evenings that are usually held by DJ Thomas Bohnet at the Muffathalle (a huge, three venue complex) once a month.

I was at the Café of the Muffathalle for a private birthday party on 29 December 2008 and ran into some very cool local DJs and artists.

The picture shown above is the latest release of Tour de France, which even features another remix of Chez les yéyés by Minimatic, named DJ Thomas Bohnet’s dancefloor filler for 2008 in a top German newspaper. And it was mine too!

As far as more DJing news is concerned, something is afoot in Amsterdam in late March and some buzzing French activity will surely take place in Antwerp again in February.

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