Maison Descartes, Amsterdam party report

On the first day of spring, 21 March, ironically the only day of sun as of late, the Maison Descartes (French cultural institution) had a big French bash to ring in spring.

And bash it was! The place was full of French people as well as Québécois (they said they recognised that accent on the mike) and all kinds of other people who could appreciate the free fun.

A bunch of dancers from the roll and roll dance association Gel showed up and did their thing. Thanks!

Olivier, photographer of the people, took lots of pictures with backdrop amidst the dancing chaos to the delight of many people including myself. Thanks to you too!

And a huge thanks to anyone online who spread the word around and made my night a success, you rule!

This iPhone picture may have me doing my thing in the background, but it ironically has the silhouettes of G and S, a wonderful, enthusiastic couple that always come to my parties.

À la prochaine ! Until next time!

(Photo: Laurent)

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