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Tour de France, Munich


On Friday 7 May, I get to join it as guest DJ at 10 Jahre Tour de France in Munich with DJs Thomas Bohnet, Mikael Bourdon and Christian Berst
Live: Les Princes Chameaux and Tuo
10 pm until the wee hours
More info (Programm): http://www.muffathalle.de/

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Munich party report

Les Princes Chameaux

The Lovers

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of Munich’s monthly French party Tour de France, a big show was held in three spaces at Muffathalle, with Les Princes Chameaux, The Lovers and yours truly (aka DJ Natashka) as special guest DJ. It was a super evening!

The party went on until at least 5 am, as I left around 4:30 and visitor DJ Martin Hemmel of Atomic Cafe fame who came by had just been handed a cocktail and told to stay some more. The other DJs, including Christian and Thomas of the Tour de France, played hits off the four Tour de France compilations in the huge room and I heard resident DJs cranking out some Daft Punk at some point.

Three things never cease to amaze me every time I come to Munich for French music parties: the place is packed with Germans, and not homesick French people. The crowd is quite young, not older people getting all nostalgic. And the music is very different that what I play in Amsterdam, which made my set that much different. I had people thank me, which is always welcome!

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Tour de France, Munich

Le Tour 4

On Friday 6 March at the Café der Muffathalle in Munich, Germany, DJ Natashka (aka me) will be one of the DJs of the Tour de France, evenings that are organised regularly by DJ Thomas Bohnet at the Muffathalle (a huge, three venue complex) once a month.

UPDATE: Princes Chameaux will be playing as well as The Lovers!

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