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Roter Salon, Berlin, 23 August

Roter Salon, Berlin
Volksbühne, Berlin

It was group fun at the Roter Salon, Berlin last Saturday! I took a train on Saturday from Amsterdam, did the gig and came back the next morning. Rock and roll! The French music that Germans like is quite different to what we all play here in Amsterdam, but nevertheless it was a great experience. Thanks again to Thomas Bohnet for letting me join in.

Thomas is currently working on Tour de France volume four, the fourth in his compilation series. As for the pictures, the second picture, the Volksbühne in former East Berlin is where the Roter Salon is nestled. There is also a ‘green salon’ on the other side of the theatre, but my sources tell me it’s not really hip and happening.

And since I was billed as coming from Amsterdam, Dutch people showed up! Cool.

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Back in town, but going to Berlin!


I know, I know, Podcast No. 30 is not finished yet! But first I have to announce my special guest set in Berlin on Saturday 23 August during Thomas Bohnet’s Tour de France evening at the Roter Salon. I can’t wait!

I will finish the podcast before then and will fill up the agenda some time this week with more gigs you should know about.

(Photo: Jeroen Mirck)

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