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No. 12 - 20 December 2009

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The Oh La La Newsletter features information about DJ sets, the webradio and podcasts every two weeks, presented to you by DJ Natashka (aka Natasha Cloutier).


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have one big party left before the end of the year and that's Dazzleville at Noorderlicht Cafe and five other locations at NDSM, that cool industrial area in Amsterdam North. I plan to spend Christmas in Paris to take a break and fill up on inspiration and music.

Thu 31 Dec Dazzleville, New Year's Eve party at Noorderlicht Cafe and five other locations, Amsterdam North. Minimatic will be there too. French fun
Sun 3 Jan A long set with a long drink at Canvas Amsterdam. French music
Sun 6 Feb Another long set at Canvas Amsterdam. French music
Sat 20 March Oh la la presents: AFRO HEAT Amsterdam edition with Brussels's DJ ReeDoo at Noorderlicht Cafe, Amsterdam North, more info soon. Afrobeat
Sat 27 March Something French and fabulous at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam, with VJ Blackbird Badger, more info soon. French music

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More music will be added by Jack Arel, Michel Legrand and many others, sometime in January, and probably even more by then. If ever you have any technical questions about the webradio, check out the FAQ.


The Christmas podcast should be done before 23 December 2009.

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