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No. 31 - 5 January 2011

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The Oh La La Newsletter features information about DJ sets, the webradio and podcasts every two weeks or so, presented to you by DJ Natashka (aka Natasha Cloutier).


January is really quiet because I have tons of other work for the entire month. February will surely be booming, with an Oh La La party at De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam. I'm working on getting a new computer (hence the tons of work this month) and will be back at full speed soon enough. A new presskit is also in the works. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Thu 10 Feb Private party, French Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam. French and more
Sat 12 Feb L'Amour toujours L'amour at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. DJs Natashka & Guuzbourg on the dance floor, DJ Hank Disaster (Bon Esprit FR) in the foyer, VJ Blackbird Badger and Flora Dolores sings! More info soon. Doors 8 pm, 6 euro French and fun

I'm on Twitter at natashenka007 or for straight Oh la la news, ohlalanl. Talk to me about a project or event by contacting me in English, French or Dutch.


New music will be uploaded eventually (sorry this is taking so long), when my computer problems are solved. For questions about the webradio, check out the FAQ.


Podcast No. 39 - French, funky and soulful is still there. Podcast No. 40 is being delayed due to computer problems. It will however feature French modern sixties sounding bands.

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