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No. 43 - 23 September 2012

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The Oh La La newsletter about French music and events, the webradio and podcasts is presented to you by DJ Natashka (aka Natasha Cloutier).


On Saturday 29 September, French artist and DJ Minimatic will be DJing at Oh La La's Back to school - la rentrée party at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. We'll also have VJ Blackbird Badger, DJ La formule du Baron (strictly vinyl!), the lovely Fusée Dorée live with new tunes and good old DJ Natashka, special cocktails, cheese, baguette, tarot...whew!

COME ONE, COME ALL, this will be one action packed OH LA LA party!

For those who read French, read about DJ Natashka in Québec newspaper La Presse DJ Natashka dans le port d'Amsterdam, interviewed this summer. If the weather is nice, catch an Afrodélique set at Noorderlicht, Amsterdam in the afternoon. Some Beaujolais parties are coming up in November 15 (more TBA) and possibly some December gigs in Québec City, Canada.


New music still needs to be added to the radio, an ongoing project.

Podcast No. 41 - Rare and unusual finds is still available, featuring cover songs from Québec and beyond.

Enjoy some French Reggae or some French Hip Hop on Spotify.


Sat 29 Sept Oh La La party Back to School - La rentrée, DJs Minimatic (France), Natashka and La formule du Baron (strictly vinyl), VJ Blackbird Badger, tarot, cocktails and cheese at the De Nieuwe Anita. Doors 8 pm, 6 euro. French à gogo
Sun 30 Sept An Afrodélique set at Noorderlicht, Amsterdam. As of 4 pm. FREE, outdoors. Afrobeat


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