Month: August 2006

Déjà vu with Jacqueline Taïeb

Jacqueline Taïeb live

For all the people who wrote and told me that they missed the Jacqueline Taïeb gig last April here in Amsterdam, well here’s your second chance! Jacqueline will perform live for the Amsterdam Beat Club during the Serge Gainsbourg tribute (see agenda opposite) at Amsterdam’s world-famous venue, Paradiso. I am again thrilled to bits to be part of such an event as one of the DJs.


Making radio waves


To quote Lebanese writer Kahlil Gabran, “No one is a prophet in their own land.” That said, Canadian radio station CKDU FM of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia will soon be broacasting Radio Oh la la podcasts twice a month to fill in a gap in their French retro programming. You can listen to CKDU online as well (see website).


Podcast No. 9 – Rock n’ jazz

Radio Oh La La

Grab some rock, throw in some jazz and Podcast No. 9 is ready to go! Gillian Hills is having boy trouble again (see how she gets when that happens?), and César et ses Romains are keeping a steady retro beat. Then, there’s April March and Marie Laforêt for the rockers, and Blossom Dearie and Christiane Legrand for the jazz fans.

Gillian Hills – Maintenant il téléphone
César et ses Romains – Kouchi kouchi kou
April March – Tu mens
Marie Laforêt – Marie douceur, Marie colère
Blossom Dearie (Les Blue Stars) – Embrasse-moi bien
Christiane Legrand – Maldonne

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