Podcast No. 9 – Rock n’ jazz

Radio Oh La La

Grab some rock, throw in some jazz and Podcast No. 9 is ready to go! Gillian Hills is having boy trouble again (see how she gets when that happens?), and César et ses Romains are keeping a steady retro beat. Then, there’s April March and Marie Laforêt for the rockers, and Blossom Dearie and Christiane Legrand for the jazz fans.

Gillian Hills – Maintenant il téléphone
César et ses Romains – Kouchi kouchi kou
April March – Tu mens
Marie Laforêt – Marie douceur, Marie colère
Blossom Dearie (Les Blue Stars) – Embrasse-moi bien
Christiane Legrand – Maldonne

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5 Responses to “Podcast No. 9 – Rock n’ jazz”

  1. vega says:

    Lovin’ your work :)

  2. nick mallory says:


    I’d just like to thank you for the excellent podcasts, i discovered them yesterday and i’d downloaded all of them and listened to them by today. Sexy as all the ye ye girl pop is, you’re pretty easy on the ears yourself.

    I like the Filles sourires rather more then the cheesier male singers of the past, but this is opening my ears to a whole world of music i scarcely knew existed. I hope Radio Oh la la continues to grace I tunes for a long time to come. Thanks so much again.

  3. Tatiana says:

    Very interesting website!!
    I’ve created today a blog with french music videos!I invite you to visit it!

  4. Administrator says:

    Nice, there are so many videos, you won’t run out soon :)

  5. Travis says:

    Thanks so much for these podcasts. It is hard to find so many of these songs on vinyl or CD… I downloaded every podcast yesterday.

    Keep up the good work!