Month: September 2006

Podcast No. 11 – Covers and others

Radio Oh La La

Say “fromage”! Don’t worry, Podcast No. 11 is not cheesy, it’s just full of covers and fun. Donald Lautrec dances the ska, while Tony Roman goes for rock n’ roll. Sylvie Vartan snaps pictures and fingers, Christophe plays with puppets and Liz Brady sings to somebody else’s screaming fans. In the end, Nat King Cole smoothes it all out.

Donald Lautrec – Manon viens danser le ska
Tony Roman – C’est la vie, c’est l’amour
Sylvie Vartan – Est-ce que tu le sais ?
Christophe – Les marionnettes
Liz Brady – Palladium
Nat King Cole – Love

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Nouvelle vague

Radio Oh la la

Let’s twist again! Radio Oh la la moved out of its mother’s basement, got a job, bought a car and is cruising along the beach, virtually.

The quality has improved (new server), the playlist has changed slightly (new sound) and a ‘nouvelle vague’ jingle has been added to mark the occasion (very cool).

Some very big thanks go out to Branko at Abeleto, Christian at Nakedcellist and Ton at Tontunes. Without their help Radio Oh la la would still be asking for an allowance and staying home on Saturday nights.


Vannier plays Gainsbourg

Radio Oh La La
Radio Oh La La

On 21 October, the Barbican in London will feature Jean-Claude Vannier playing the music of Serge Gainsbourg‘s Histoire de Melody Nelson & L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches, with special guests Jarvis Cocker, Badly Drawn Boy, Mick Harvey, Gruff Rhys & Laetitia Sadier.

“On the 21st October Finders Keepers and Andy Votel will play a key role in the assemblage of a 40 piece orchestra, a 30 piece choir and one of the finest British rhythm sections from the annals of rock history for a one-off special event which fans of conceptual Gallic psych-rock probably never thought they’d experience in this mortal lifetime.”