Nouvelle vague

Radio Oh la la

Let’s twist again! Radio Oh la la moved out of its mother’s basement, got a job, bought a car and is cruising along the beach, virtually.

The quality has improved (new server), the playlist has changed slightly (new sound) and a ‘nouvelle vague’ jingle has been added to mark the occasion (very cool).

Some very big thanks go out to Branko at Abeleto, Christian at Nakedcellist and Ton at Tontunes. Without their help Radio Oh la la would still be asking for an allowance and staying home on Saturday nights.

2 Responses to “Nouvelle vague”

  1. vega says:

    I recognise Annette Funacello and Frankie Avalon – Am I sad or what :)

  2. Administrator says:

    You’re right! My scanner was on the fritz and I needed something. I also got a new scanner :)