Smooth Sacha

Sacha Distel

This week features some musical additions by Sacha Distel, whose song “Scoubidou” coined the name of the gimp or ‘scoubies’ children still make today as trinkets. The story goes that in the 1950s a group of Distel’s fans bum rushed his hotel room and gave him some object made of electrical wire, which they called a ‘scoubidou’ in his honour. The singing of ‘scoubidou-bidou-aah’ you hear in the song ‘Scoubidou’ is a gallic version of ‘doobidoobidoo’, which you can hear in jazz music.

As of late, more music by Stefie Shock, Jacqueline Taïeb and Enzo Enzo. Talk about variety!

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