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Big radio refill!


A huge refill of new music has been added to the radio including Québec’s Les Mersey’s, Ginette Reno and Jenny Rock. The Dutch end includes groovy numbers by Amsterdam’s West Hell 5, The Spinshots and Juicebox (featured on Gainsnord as well as Rotterdam’s The Madd, and there are more greats by Jacques Dutronc, Sheila and Christiane Legrand. Oh and some psychedelia and other cool bits, too!

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New music on the webradio!

I have finally added some new music to the radio!

We have some jazzy Serge Gainsbourg, composer Michel Legrand’s sister, Christiane Legrand singing samba, lots of happy-poppy Sheila and some oddballs and psychedelic stuff such as Bruno Leys and Jack Ary.

Remember, Radio Oh la la is 100% commercial-free!

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