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Oh La La Newsletter No. 33 – 17 March 2011

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Oh La La Newsletter No. 33 – 17 March 2011

Serge Gainsbourg sings Jacques Dutronc – Les Playboys

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Big radio refill!


A huge refill of new music has been added to the radio including Québec’s Les Merseys, Ginette Reno and Jenny Rock. The Dutch end includes groovy numbers by Amsterdam’s West Hell 5, The Spinshots and Juicebox (featured on Gainsnord as well as Rotterdam’s The Madd, and there are more greats by Jacques Dutronc, Sheila and Christiane Legrand. Oh and some psychedelia and other cool bits, too!

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Podcast No. 33 – Dutch treats and nice beats

We have it, it’s here and it’s all yours: Podcast No. 33!

Be sure to watch DutchwomanTeddy Scholten who won the Eurovision in 1959 with a Dutch song called “Een beetje” (“A little bit”) and then listen to her sing it the same in French (“Un petit peu”) at the end of this podcast! The French host of the show has this to say about the song (roughly translated):

“In love we say ‘a bit, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all’ (the French version of “she/he loves me, she/he loves me not” with the daisy petals). In the Netherlands, they sensibly say ‘a bit’ “.

A big thanks to Insult Masterrr! an iPhone application that made a generous donation to this podcast.

Link to Insult Masterrr! via iTunes,
Insult Masterrr!

And feel free to read a nice blurb about me and this podcast by Meribeth Deen, a Canadian journalist living in London. Cheers!

The Madd – Je suis parti
Les Mersey’s – Si tu m’aimes
Jacques Dutronc – J’ai un tigre dans ma guitare
Françoise Hardy – Je suis d’accord
Les Serfs – Mademoiselle yéyé
Teddy Scholten – Un petit peu

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