Podcast No. 29 – Rock, swing and sweeties


Bam, bop, whizz! The music will get you dreaming, dancing, swinging or just snapping your fingers. So go to your happy place like I do where the bar is stocked, the people are beautiful and the music is brought to you by Podcast No. 29, which took way too long, I know! I will make it up to you all soon, but for now, be cool and get ready to shake yourself or a drink.

Les Terribles – Tu l’as voulue
Dany Brillant – Comme le jour et la nuit
Minimatic – Chez les yé-yés
Valéry – Vous dansez mademoiselle
Ria Bartok – Tu peux pas savoir
France Gall – Les sucettes

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2 Responses to “Podcast No. 29 – Rock, swing and sweeties”

  1. ictioscopio says:

    Great!! I missed Oh-la-la podcast! Two months was too much time :)

  2. yves says:

    chapeau pour vos chansons de temps en temps il y a qd meme une que je n’ai pas
    si je peux t’aider dans tes recherches fais le moi savoir j’en ai plus de 35.000 french us gb ital esp etc etc
    bonne continuation et a bientot j’espere

    yves de bruxelles kiss