Tour de France, Munich


On Friday 7 May, I get to join it as guest DJ at 10 Jahre Tour de France in Munich with DJs Thomas Bohnet, Mikael Bourdon and Christian Berst
Live: Les Princes Chameaux and Tuo
10 pm until the wee hours
More info (Programm):

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Yéyé party with Martin Hemmel

On Saturday 17 October, Radio Oh la la will feature DJ Martin Hemmel from Munich who spins French yé-yé music like you were actually back in the 1960s. Yours truly Natashka promises to warm up De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam for you first and dance the rest of the night away with all of you!

Martin Hemmel has been a resident DJ of the Atomic Cafe in Munich ever since it was founded more than 10 years ago and is known for his three-part French Cuts compilation series I rave about in my podcasts.

UPDATE: Cowboy & Henk will be joining in as well as VJ Blackbird Badger!

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Princes Chameaux, the Lovers and top DJs


The flyer has a serious Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin thing going for it!

As mentioned in the agenda, Friday, 6 March at the Café der Muffathalle in Munich, Germany, DJ Natashka (aka me) will be one of the DJs of the Tour de France, evenings that are usually held by DJ Thomas Bohnet at the Muffathalle (a huge, three-venue complex) once a month.

It’s their 9th year anniversary and I’m looking forward to partying!

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