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AMS Beat Club/Oh la la goes Cinecittà!

The Amsterdam Beat Club and Radio Oh la la decided last December after many pre-Christmas cocktails to finally let out our unshaven, bombastic and over-the-top Italian selves out for a collective spin. I can’t wait!!

You can’t afford to miss this very special event if you are anywhere near Amsterdam or De Nieuwe Anita on Saturday 19 June!

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Party report – French cuts and girl grooves


Despite bad weather, the Chick Habit party was attended by people from as far as Rotterdam (who confessed to not wanting to go home), with dance moves I don’t think I’ve ever seen before! The long awaited Filles Fragiles CD compiled by DJ Guuzbourg of Filles Sourires fame was finally launched, a CD containing French pop music with an emphasis on female singers. A performance by Paris’ Peppermoon kicked off the evening’s festivities in style.

DJ Martin Hemmel from Munich’s Atomic Café (shown here, focused) got the entire dance floor moving, and threw in a great new French cut on white vinyl from Munich’s Phonoboy who sing in French and will be launching a new album in December. Oh, and I will go to Munich to check it all out, more on that in a few weeks.

Guuzbourg eventually went all Bossaboogie on our derrières, treating himself to French pop girls à gogo, dancing to his own DJing. I have pictures! I personally couldn’t resist the uptempo temptation that haunts me, be it girl or boy.

(Photo: Yuri)

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