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Winter in Saint-Tropez


On Friday 28 December for the third year running, it’s Winter in Saint-Tropez at the De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam!

Doors: 8 pm, 6 euro, live performance at 10 pm!

LIVE! David Chazam (FR)
DJ Natashka (French 60s, 80s, 00s)
DJ La Formule du Baron (strictly vinyl in the foyer)
VJ Blackbird Badger
Tarot by Anneriek (House of Tanuki)

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Winter in Saint-Tropez

Winter in Saint-Tropez

Just before the end of the year, I was in the mood for a ‘classic’ edition of the Radio Oh la la bash, classic meaning no high flying special guests, but some local kick derriere DJing nonetheless! And so Winter in Saint-Tropez at the De Nieuwe Anita on 13 December 2008 will feature DJ Guuzbourg (who is getting famous!) and yours faithfully DJ Natashka as well as Nieuwe Anita regulars Cowboy & Henk.

There will also be cocktails, champagne and films! And lovely people and couches to sit on and dancing and decorations and more!

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