Podcast No. 30 – From Amsterdam with amour

Mondrian dress

Podcast No. 30 has stories and music being treated with love and care. And the grooviness has been piling up as much as my work has. Maybe the next podcast will be about all those sixties dances, maybe it will be a cocktail party podcast, we’ll see! You shouldn’t have to wait too long this time.

Find out more about the Filles Fragiles compilation launches under Upcoming (here left).

And another thing, aka blowing my own horn: think about hiring me! If you would like to have a swinging French party, some classy dinner party music or an absolute back to the sixties trip a gogo, drop me a line.

My recent gigs include a corporate marketing party on a huge boat and a short trip to Berlin. Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well.

The Lovers – Moi je suis faite pour l’amour
Vanessa Contenay-Quinones – Pourquoi pas
César et ses Romains – Elle le sait
Henri Salvador – Purée de pommes de terre
Dario Moreno – Pachanga
Blossom Dearie – Boum

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The one photo that says it all

The Lovers in Amsterdam

(Photo: Igor Freeke)

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The Lovers – more photos coming up!

Pardon my French

Although the show was on a Sunday, had to be moved at the last minute while I was away celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich and was kinda of quiet, the mood was that of a huge group of friends getting together and partying! The Lovers got the blood pumping around the room, DJ Guuzbourg went all girl crazy, while DJ Natashka (me) cut it every now and then to crank the yé-yés up.

Actual pics of the show are coming up! I also want to thank everyone who let met borrow stuff for the show that the club did not have. I couldn’t have pulled this off without you!

And The Lovers’ new album, Pardon my French will have a sticker on it, old skool. Sexy!

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