Month: February 2009

Podcast No. 32 – French soul cuisine


Hold the phone, it’s Podcast No. 32! It was time to dig deep, to soul search and cook up a serious dish of French music with a side dish of soul. Nino Ferrer often said he wish he was black (yeah, baby), André Brasseur is simply possessed by the devil but in a good way, The Velvelettes show off their French skills Motown style, Denise Brousseau does Gainsbourg and by special request, Catherine Desmarets tries her hand at computer dating, sixties style. Oh and for dessert, Alica Dona covers an Italian classic! Yum!

Nino Ferrer – Le Roi d’Angleterre
André Brasseur – The Duck
The Velvelettes – Je veux crier
Denise Brousseau – N’écoute pas les idoles
Catherine Desmarets – Les petites croix
Alice Dona – Stasera no no no

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Orange à gogo

On 30 April (Queen’s Day), it’s time to get French, fresh and funky at Café Noorderlicht, Amsterdam! Get away from the crowds and come chill with us all night long. Place opens at 4 pm, then have some excellent dinner and boogie on down until 3 am.

Don’t miss the boat – literally – and get a chartered boat ride back to Amsterdam Central Station!

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Princes Chameaux, the Lovers and top DJs


The flyer has a serious Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin thing going for it!

As mentioned in the agenda, Friday, 6 March at the Café der Muffathalle in Munich, Germany, DJ Natashka (aka me) will be one of the DJs of the Tour de France, evenings that are usually held by DJ Thomas Bohnet at the Muffathalle (a huge, three-venue complex) once a month.

It’s their 9th year anniversary and I’m looking forward to partying!

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