Orange à gogo

On 30 April (Queen’s Day), it’s time to get French, fresh and funky at Café Noorderlicht, Amsterdam! Get away from the crowds and come chill with us all night long. Place opens at 4 pm, then have some excellent dinner and boogie on down until 3 am.

Don’t miss the boat – literally – and get a chartered boat ride back to Amsterdam Central Station!

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3 Responses to “Orange à gogo”

  1. Géraldine says:

    En clickant sur le lien du café Noorderlicht du texte je tombe sur un site de vacances. Il y a erreur non?

    Bisous et Merci pour tous ces superbes évènements trés alléchants!


  2. Administrator says:

    Ooooh je répare ça, merci !

  3. radio says:

    radio server is down