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Month: February 2008

Podcast No. 28 – Shows, showing off and showy


I don’t like the way they treat their records, but that’s why we have podcasts nowadays! Speaking of which, Podcast No. 28 is full of stories and music being treated with love and care. I threw in an extra song because it’s been a while. In the mean time, the grooviness has been piling up, so you’ll never go hungry!

For those of you who have been asking, feel free to find out more about my upcoming spinning activities.

Henri Salvador – Rock and Roll-mops
Jacqueline Taïeb – On roule à 160
Johnny Hallyday – Noir c’est noir
La 4e volonté – CÉGEP blues
Michel Legrand – Marins, amis, aimants ou maris
Bonus track: Brigitte Bardot – C’est une bossa nova

Oh and the music in the mix of the Win a Radio Oh la la T-shirt contest in the previous podcast was the following:

1. Claude Nougaro – Les Don Juan
2. Richard Anthony – Nouvelle Vague
3. Michel Legrand – Di-Gue-Ding-Ding
4. Françoise Hardy – J’suis d’accord
5. Alice Dona – C’est pas prudent
6. Anna Karina – Roller girl
7. Jacques Dutronc – Les Cactus
8. Jacqueline Taïeb – 7h du matin

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C’est Extra Vancouver

February 23, 2008
10:00 pm
C'est Extra Vancouver

C’est Extra at Backstage Lounge of the Arts Club Theater sur Granville Island, 1585 Johnston Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Frenchy jazzy swing.

Starring DJ Eric Lenger and more.

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Boutique Chic party a smashing success


The Boutique Chic party was a total blow out! After DJ Guuzbourg warmed them up in the dance hall, he handed the torch over to Thomas (aka Georges) Deligny and Minimatic (shown here) who got the whole place hot and sweaty. For once I didn’t mind having to squeeze through people to get to the DJ booth!

Not only did these great guys keep it going, but the Boutique Chic mini-kiosk sold some LPs and CDs you cannot get anywhere in stores in the Netherlands – well not yet. Talk about exclusive! In the quieter yet just as full foyer of the De Nieuwe Anita, DJ Natashka (me again) was asked to tone it down (which was tough) to get people moving towards the dance floor. For the rest of the evening, DJ Guuzbourg kept people very warm and happy as well.

The after party involved lots of champagne, people not wanting to leave and, well, lots of champagne. Until next time!

(Photos: Jan Rutten van Good2b)

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